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When we brought Rahel, Mussie, Sirak and Gezae, our adopted children,  home from Ethiopia we wanted them to be able to still eat their traditional bread injera. Ethiopians and Eritreans eat injera daily and sometimes at every meal. Injera is made from teff. We loaded our suitcases with teff and Rahel showed us how to make injera. We went through a lot of teff! It became clear that we were going to need more so we asked a local farmer if he would grow some for us. He did and now you can enjoy teff too!

Teff is the ancient staple grain of Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is a nutritional powerhouse and it is the smallest grain in the world--about 100 grains of teff are the size of a single kernel of wheat! Compared to other grains, it has a much larger percentage of bran and germ so it's a very good source of dietary fiber, protein, iron, amino acids, vitamin C and calcium. Teff flour is 100 % whole grain, naturally gluten free and has a very mild nutty flavor.

Substitute Teff flour for about half of the all-pupose flour called for in your favorite baked goods recipes or about a fourth of the flour in yeast recipes.

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